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The “Front Lever” is definitely one of the most effective exercises you can do. It only requires your body and a bar.

AND… A unique combination of strength and technique. Let me show you how to start doing them today…in just 6 steps Master the “Front Lever” Exercise Here (JUST 6 STEPS!)

The key to this exercise is actually using the right muscles to do it. Most people never even use the main muscle that powers this move!

6 Steps to Mastering the Front Lever… Even if you can’t do one right now!

how-to-do-a-front-lever-ytWe sometimes tend to avoid the exercises that are hardest. Even though we KNOW they can provide the biggest changes to our physique. I call this Exer-Phobia. Don’t let this one intimidate you. It’s not as hard as it looks once you know how to do it. And it holds tremendous potential for you!



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