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Just a little over 2 weeks ago… I hit a milestone by registering my 1,000,000th subscriber on YouTube.

As a loyal reader of my posts and hopefully one of the million… I thank YOU!

Hear my message to you here Like anyone else…

one-million-subscribers-ytIt’s sometimes tough to find the motivation to make a video let alone workout. Of all the excuses though, this one is the worst. The WORST excuse for not doing something Meantime, better buckle up. Got even bigger and better things coming for you on the way to 2,000,000 subs!



P.S. I take great pride in the growth of our channel and attribute it squarely to the fact that we aim to provide 100% straight forward, no bullshit, science based training, workouts and content. If you’re tired of the excuses and are looking to change the way you train forever, I’ve got a spot waiting for you here on TEAM ATHLEAN. Let me be the best coach you’ve ever had. Click here to start your journey to athlean…today!

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