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There’s no way around it. It’s pretty damn gross to hear and feel your shoulders pop and grind… Every time you lift your arm over your head!

Makes it really tough to lift huh? NOT ANYMORE

How to Fix Popping, Grinding, Cracking Shoulders (Video)

Did you know?

Shoulder pain accounts for almost 80% of all missed workouts! Time to start fixing this.

No more shoulder problems when pressing! Click for a short term and long term fix

shoulder-pain-fix-exercise-ytPutting the science back in strength and bringing back “RAYMOND” To give you a peek beneath the surface to help you get to the root of your pain. Once and for all.



P.S. It’s videos and topics like this that 99% of the strength and workout “gurus” never do. Thankfully, as a pro athlete physical therapist…my job requires me to understand the huge importance of them!

Follow the same complete workout plan I use with pro athletes here
And overlook nothing in your workouts ever again!

P.P.S. Of course, I didn’t stop with our workouts. I take great pride and great care in putting the science back in our supplements as well. Did exactly that with our 3-stage joint repair formula MECHAN-X. No Pain = MORE Gain.


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