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Yep…it’s that time of the year! With the end of October comes yet another Halloween…and another SAW Movie (I thought Jigsaw died like 3 movies ago!) So, in the spirit of the day I figured I’d come up with a workout for you that is “Scary Effective”!

Why Scary? Because like all AthLEAN-X Workouts and especially the 90 day Training System, it’s scary to think what your results could be if you had been training in this style for the last few months or even years!

103110 Halloween workoutIn this 10/31/10 Rep Workout you will see how just 51 reps can kick your butt, have you breathing heavy and light up your muscles like a Jack-o-Lantern on Halloween!

==> Say goodbye to 60-90 Minute Workouts With AthLEAN-X! ==> Master this 51 rep challenge and then tackle the “ogre” version by repeating it 4 more times!

Yes….it’s a KILLER!

Happy Halloween!

Stay Strong,


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