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There are a few rep ranges that most people train in…

– Low reps (1-5)

– Mid reps (6-10)

– Upper Mid reps (10-12)

– High reps (15+)

Which one is best?? It depends on one VERY BIG thing! See what that is in my brand new video

best-rep-range-for-working-out-emYou might have a favorite range that you feel delivers the best results. But I can guarantee you…If you don’t do this one thing it will never work well. The rep range you workout with… MUST HAVE THIS

Don’t let the brevity of this video confuse you.

This is one HUGE thing you want to get right!



P.S. Of course all rep ranges are important if you want to get a complete, downright sculpted physique. We cover them all through our ATHLEAN-X training progression…at just the right time you want to do them.

Let me lay it all out for you day by day here

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