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Every now and then “Jesse” just takes it to a whole new level of stupidity. The one takes the cake. Please, whatever you do… Never listen to this kind of advice on how to use a kettlebell. Your elbows. shoulders, wrists, and forearms will hate you forever and never let you forget it!

Don’t be discouraged thought. I’m using this as a great jump off point to show you something that will be very very helpful for you. In fact, some may call it my best tip ever!


P.S.  As you’ll see, you better be careful about WHO is giving you your information when it comes to training. It’s also not just good enough to throw up some pubmed studies and say you take a “science based approach” to training. For a real hands-on program based on actual experience with both pros and joes….

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P.P.S.  If you find this video helpful, or maybe it even makes you laugh a bit (thanks again “Jesse”!), do me a favor and share it with someone you know will appreciate it as well.  I’d be grateful.

The DUMBEST Exercise Ever (Courtesy of “Jesse”)

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