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What’s up “Team AthLEAN“? I’ve got a quick question for you.If you could work one muscle group in your arms to give you more “eye popping attention” and T-shirts that scream for a larger size…… What would it be?

While the biceps are certainly important, their true size isn’t seen until they are flexed. And unless you’re one of THOSE guys who feels it’s their duty to flex in between sets at the gym to impress others around him….that won’t cut it.

But what will is a pair of cut triceps!

3 weeks to bigger tricepsWith 2/3 of the size of the upper arm attributed to this muscle group, it’s not only important but essential that you train them the right way to get arms that can impress without the flex!

Check out the video workout I put together for you……Then make sure to get your complete AthLEAN-X Training System to not only impress with your arms… but your entire body!

Enjoy your weekend guys.

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