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Last week I shot a video from my basement as I prepared for a 9:30PM workout. It turned out to be pretty motivational to many who saw it. Well…Be prepared to get fired up again! The Top 10 Best Workout Songs Ever!

Sure, the spoken word can be incredibly inspiring. But add in some beats…You might feel like you can run through a wall! See My Top 10…And one very embarrassing twist!)

ten-best-workout-songs-ytLook…I get it. We all march to a different drummer and different things get us fired up. That said…

You’ll be hard pressed NOT to want to work out (IMMEDIATELY) after seeing this list!



P.S. ATHLEAN-X intern Jesse makes a very important cameo in this video…one he’s probably regretting asking for right about now!

P.P.S. Motivation is only half the battle. Directing that energy into doing the wrong exercises, the wrong workouts (or just not being as efficient as you should be with your workouts) can lead to slowed results and a loss of motivation! The A-X system changes that forever.

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