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Spend any time around the triceps pushdown machine at the gym…


You’ll see guys doing it with an overhand and/or underhand grip. WHY?!?!

Triceps Myth Buster (See who’s wasting time here)

This is one of those “bro science” things you were told long ago.

One of those things that Wikipedia proved wrong isn’t it? Not so fast!

Triceps Workout Myth Buster (Get this right for best results!)

triceps-exercise-myth-for-bigger-triceps-ytWe’re putting the science back in strength as always in this one. No…not what the textbooks would tell you. But actual “real world” science you use every day. Better triceps await the ones who know when to differentiate the two!



P.S. There is definitely a lot of broscience out there that misguides a lot of people in the gym…and wastes a whole helluva lot of time. Don’t be “that guy”. Put real science back in your training and see much faster results by doing so!

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