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remote controlWe Interrupt this Broadcast for an important announcement…. One of the most commonly cited excuses (I mean…reasons) given for not working out is…”I just don’t have the time“. With the hectic pace that we all find ourselves in these days juggling career, family, health and hobby it’s an understandable complaint…BUT, not good enough! Why? New research was just released that states the average person watches 35 hours of television a week!! 35 H-O-U-R-S!!

I bet if you asked these same people that claim to have “no time” for fitness to name their favorite television show…they not only could rattle off three or four favorites they watch on a regular basis but half wind up being syndicated reruns that they’ve seen multiple times already!! For instance, I’ve got friends that can watch their nightly Seinfeld AND RECITE THE CHARACTERS LINES BEFORE THEY SPEAK THEM!

If this is you, you’re watching too much TV! (Yes…”The Office” would count as well) When you consider that just 30 minutes of that daily 5 hour “Flat Screen Fix” is needed to start making some serious dents in your current fitness level, the “no time” argument gets even weaker.

Are You Addicted To The Tube?

Well, since I’m never here to lecture…but rather to help…I think I’ve got proposal for a solution that has helped some of my most stubborn clients overcome their “TUBE-TIED” addictions! If the thought of making it to the gym later at night, after you’ve settled in, is about as appealing as smashing your fingers between two 45 pound plates…don’t abandon the thought completely, simply move the show indoors (or in this case…a home workout!).

That’s right. With just a couple dumbbells, a piece of resistance tubing, maybe a doorway pullup bar, and your own bodyweight you have the ingredients for a perfect fast paced, high intensity workout that can help you get your health and fitness back on the right track. In fact, I specifically designed Athlean-X so that it could be done at home with  these few pieces of equipment.

Kill Two Birds With One Stone! A Workout You Can Do While Watching TV

But there’s one thing missing…and here’s the compromise! Do this in a room with a television that will be playing one of these favorite shows of yours!! I know, you’re going to think I’m crazy. You may even say that you’ll be too distracted to workout. For now, I’m not worried.

The fact of the matter is that by just GETTING YOU INTO THE FITNESS MINDSET for those 30 minutes the show is on, I know I can accomplish two things. The first is, I can get you doing this with regularity. The beauty of syndicated reruns is that they show at least 5 days a week! The second is that once you realize that you actually DO have the time to do this, and then start seeing results with a program like AthLEAN-X, the enthusiasm for keeping this habit going will usually take on a life of its own.

Soon, the TV requirement might even fade away as well when instead you prefer to fuel your workout with some good old fashioned motivational tunes instead (see the post from earlier last week with my “Top 10 Songs to Workout To”). For now….baby steps. Give me that first home workout and we’ll go from there! And now…we return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

Stay Strong,