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Walk into any gym and ask someone what their favorite triceps exercise is…

Likely, 9 out of 10 will say SKULLCRUSHERS bro!

Only one problem. They don’t work! See what I mean here

The problem actually starts with the name of the exercise And… Then snowballs downhill from there.

See How NOT to Build Big Triceps (FIX THIS!)

build-big-triceps-with-skullcrushers-ytTime to put the science back in strength. Major “Phys-X” in action in this video (and some easy drawings!) to help you fix this move… And make it the triceps builder it was meant to be! STAY STRONG…


P.S. A new character arrives in this video! I promise you’re going to learn from him (and he may just become your new favorite!)

P.P.S. The message in this video is clear. Doing exercises incorrectly or less than optimally could be crushing your gains. I’d love to coach you through every workout and make sure you’re nailing every move in every workout (without overtraining). Click here to join me on team athlean to see your fastest gains ever

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