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I am so thankful and glad to be participating in the ATHLEAN-X programs. Every part of the program was so easy for me to adjust to. It really made me realize the science and reality of bodybuilding. I received a comment from a post I made on the ATHLEAN-X Facebook page to post my transformation pictures. The first picture was taken after one year of what I thought was hard training. I got one personal trainer session to ensure I was being safe in the gym: otherwise I had no experience. I weighed in early in the year at 183 lbs. The first picture I weighed about 165 lbs. The second picture is taken the morning after I completed the final test challenge in AX-1. I weigh about 150 lbs. and can lift almost half of the original weight added to what I was previously lifting. Every day has been very rewarding and exciting for me. I have been participating in the AX-2 challenge; and I have just completed my second week. I already am excited for another round and I am seeing more results still. Just want to say thank you again Jeff for the work you put into helping others who want to look their best at a premium level. I have all the motivation I need right here with TEAM ATHLEAN.