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"Savages" Los Angeles Premiere - ArrivalsBlake Lively is a 23-year-old actress with a body that has most people wondering: how can I get a body like that. While it may not be easy, Blake Lively’s diet and exercise plan can be accomplished by anyone. Through tried and true methods of exercise and eating healthy, Lively has obtained one of the hottest bodies in Hollywood.

Chances are you remember Blake Lively for her role in the motion pictures “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.” If you aren’t a move buff, you may remember the controversial television series known as “Gossip Girl.” In “Gossip Girl,” Lively played Serena Van Der Woodsen. Throughout Lively’s career, you probably have never noticed time when lively looked overweight or even looked like she had gained a few pounds. Even with a busy lifestyle, Blake Lively’s diet and exercise plan keep her looking good despite hectic schedules and the demands of the Hollywood lifestyle.

What’s Blake Lively’s Secret?

Life in Hollywood does not allow for a whole lot of secret keeping; even when it comes to diet and exercise. Blake Lively’s diet and exercise secrets centered largely around a balance of the two. A healthy, well-balanced diet coupled with regular exercise can do wonders for keeping any body slim; whether you are an actress, waitress, teacher or business professional.

Blake Lively’s Diet Plan:

As indicated by Bobby Srom, Lively’s personal Green Lantern Trainer, here is a glimpse into the eating habits of Blake Lively. To prepare for her role in Green Lantern, Lively had to follow a very strict diet plan that limited her to eating a lot of flaxseed, almond milk and porridge. Strom has made the best of this plan and has even worked to become Lively’s personal chef.

blake lively exerciseFor breakfast, Lively eats oatmeal. The oatmeal she eats is not the typical, instant packages of oatmeal you can pick up at any of your local grocery stores. Strom cooks big batches of steal cut oatmeal for Lively to eat. Oatmeal is an excellent course of complex carbohydrates and is very low in fat. To add a little flavoring to the oatmeal, Strom would sweeten it up with a little almond milk. For protein, Strom would add a little bit of protein powder. Essential fats also play an important role in this diet. For this reason, some flaxseeds are always added to Lively’s morning oatmeal.

When lunch time rolls around, Lively enjoys a chicken breast or ahi tuna. This is largely because of the high protein value. Blake is also allowed to enjoy as many vegetables as she wants. Why? Vegetables are excellent sources of carbohydrates.

As part of Lively’s Green Lantern diet, dinner normally includes lean steak, sweet potatoes or brown rice. For dinner, Blake can enjoy plenty of vegetables or she can opt for a salad with oil and vinegar dressing. The one thing Strom strongly advises against is the consumption of alcohol when you are looking to lose weight or stay slim. Alcohol is full of empty calories, you will be gaining weight without even realizing that you are.

The one thing Lively’s enjoys splurging on is Greek food. She is a huge fan of crepes with cream cheese. Strom indicates that Lively is capable of consuming large amounts of food. Unfortunately, this was a big no when training for preparing for filming. When Lively was craving a sweet treat, she turned to blending fruits in her blender.

Blake Lively’s Exercise Regime:

Exercise is just as important as eating healthy; you cannot have one without the other. Blake Lively always appears to be in amazing shape. In the upcoming movie, Green Lantern (which co-stars Ryan Reynolds), Lively will be doing a wide-variety of stunts. As a result, her trainer (Bobby Strom) has had Lively focusing on plenty of strength training as well as core exercises.

Lively’s exercise regime includes training four days each week. Each training session consists of a 90 minute circuit training. Sessions are jammed packed with exercises including walking lunges, push-ups and planks. Lively and Strom visit a gym near the New Orlean’s set that Green Lantern is being filmed on. At twenty three years of age, Lively has commented quite frequently on the fact that she was able to quickly develop abs with the help of trainer, Strom.

blake lively dietLively’s exercise program requires a great deal of dedication and a willingness to work hard. Circuit training is an excellent form of exercise for individuals with a busy lifestyle. Circuit training offers quick and effective workouts. Circuit training is never dull and can quickly get your heart rate up and your muscles working hard. Perhaps one of the best parts about circuit training is that you do not need a fancy gym or an expensive personal trainer to workout. The average everyday person can perform circuits in their home with the use of body weight exercises (such as push-ups and planks).

We all may not have a body like Blake. However Athlean-XX for Women can be a step in the right direction in achieving the body of your dreams!