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Ball coming right at youTake me out to the ball game, take me out to the crowd, buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack and I don’t care if I ever get back….cause its root, root, root for the home team. If they don’t win it’s a shame…cause it’s 1….2…..3 strikes you’re out at the old ball game!

I’m a terrible singer so I’ll take any chance I can get to type out song lyrics…you can sense my enthusiasm but do not have to hear my awful singing voice. Anyways, how many ball games have you gone to so far this summer? Whether you are an avid baseball fan, visit the ball park with a group of friends or use a baseball game as that perfect summer date night, one thing is for certain. You know you are going to be surrounded by plenty of tempting, yet unhealthy foods. While the cotton candy and nachos may be calling your name, here’s what you should know before indulging in those ballpark favorites.

Those nachos with the salsa and jalapeños, you know the kind that are overflowing and chances are you have dropped a few on your way back to your seat, will certainly fatten you up! With 55 g of fat and approximately 1,040 calories, you can expect to eat nearly one day’s allowance of fat in just one serving of this ballpark favorite.

Is the cotton candy man calling your name? While he might not actually be calling your individual name, those beautifully colored sticks of sugar sure are tempting. The good news is one stick of cotton candy can satisfy a sweet tooth with 112 calories and 0 g of fat. However if the cotton candy man is bringing around bagged cotton candy, you may want to think twice. This option can contain over 300 calories stuffed into one small little bag.

hot dog stadiumWhat’s a trip to the ball game without a hot dog? If you purchase an all-beef hot dog, you are getting a good amount of protein – 9 grams, but not many calories. Your average ballpark hot dog contains about 298 calories with 19 g of fat. While a hot dog is a homerun when it comes to healthy eating at the ball park, try to stay clear of the foot long hot dogs. They can contain 40 g of fat and around 600 calories!

Peanuts may seem little and harmless but they are a big strikeout when it comes to ballpark snacking. Sure, peanuts are protein-packed and a good source of heart-healthy fat, but just one eight ounce bag (that can be consumed rather quickly) contains 1,280 calories and 88 g of fat. If you must have a bag, pick the kind with the shell. This way you’ll have to work for your peanuts which will help to slow your eating down.

Pretzels are another ballpark favorite. With 483 calories and 4 g of fat, this ballpark treat is diet friendly. The one thing you may want to consider doing is removing some of the salt to help keep your sodium levels in check.

cotton candyA hot, summer day at the ballpark can leave you craving an ice-cold soda. A majority of carbonated beverages (in a 20 ounce glass) will contain about 260 empty calories. Skip the soda and opt for water. Water will keep you hydrated, feeling fuller and doesn’t contain the calories. As an added bonus, many ballparks will allow you to bring in your own bottled water. Meaning, you won’t have to shell out $4 for a bottle of water inside the stadium. Water is good for your health and for your wallet.

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