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“Calories in = Calories out” How many times have you heard this? Worse… Have you actually tried to do this to burn fat?  Watch this video to see why I strongly believe this is the WORST thing YOU can do to Lose Fat!

Don’t worry. If you believed this you wouldn’t be alone. After all… A calorie is a calorie right? WRONG!!  See Why All Calories Are NOT Created Equal!  (this should change the way you eat!)

calories in calories out fat loss factorLike I’ve been saying to you over and over…nutrition plays a LARGE part in how you look. I think it’s at least 70% And I hate seeing guys train hard, and then mess this part up. Especially when you don’t have to.

Get the “X-Factor” Meal Plan with your 90 Day ATHLEAN-X Training System. See how the science of “Nutragenomics” can change how you look (don’t worry, I explain this in the video!)

Meantime… As always, enjoy the rest of your week my friend!



P.S. This applies not only to the foods you eat at each meal but the supplements you use as well! I explain why in the video.

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I’m ready to get “ATHLEAN” for Summer! (I want my Sweat 16 Bonus too!)

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