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You might be thinking…”How the hell are my hips going to prevent me from building muscle?” Glad you asked.  Did you know that two of the most anabolic exercises ever DEMAND that you have enough hip mobility? If you have bad mobility…You’re going to have a serious uphill battle.

It’s time to fix your hips (and unleash your legs!) You see…If your tight hips are limiting your range of motion OR the weight you can use. You won’t get the leg size you’re after. Period.  The 2 Best Hip Mobility Drills You Can Do.

Best-Hip-Mobility-Drills-YTThese can be done anywhere. Hopefully, you’re starting to see…Nothing is unimportant when you train like an athlete. Doesn’t matter if you’re training to:

Be bigger

Be stronger

Be more ripped

Or increase your endurance

The goal is the same. I’m not saying you have to focus on EVERTHING But you do have to focus on the RIGHT THINGS!

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Meantime, I hope you’re having a great weekend my friend!

Hope this “hip tip” gets you on your way to unlocking not only your hips…

But that it inspires you to think about unlocking your body’s true potential

Starting today!



P.S. Want to surprise yourself? Try the quick drill I show you in this 3 minute video and see how tight you feel. You may even find that you can’t get anywhere near as low as you should be able to (with good form!). Don’t worry, I won’t judge! But I will help…

Let me coach you with my step by step system here I’m confident I can help you make HUGE changes quickly!

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