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See if you can relate to this scenario…You are away from home either on business or vacation. You want to keep up with your workout. You head to the hotel “gym” and…

Unless you want to use a treadmill, the “gym” has BASICALLY NOTHING!  What a disappointment!  See what I do when this happens here.

If you’re lucky…The gym might have some dumbbells.  BUT Even then they hardly ever go heavier than 50lbs!

How are you going to train your chest, back, legs, etc??

best-chest-workout-tip-YTThe best part about ATHLEAN-X training?  Team Athlean can find a way to train ANYWHERE!  Don’t need a gym membership (unless you want one).  Don’t need tons of equipment at home (unless you want it). By arming you with training techniques like the one I show you here…

AND A complete program that requires minimal equipment (or even none if you prefer!) and under 40 minutes. You’ll never be at a loss (or muscle loss) again!

Click here to start building ripped, explosive athletic muscle – ANYWHERE!

Hope you enjoy the training tip and as always, have a great rest of your week.



P.S. As you’ll see in this video, I don’t travel with elaborate cameras either, haha!! On business but wanted to be sure I didn’t miss getting you your weekend video – so I shot it with my iphone (and the video quality proves it!) Still think you’ll get a ton out of this one tip. Get all my tips in one place here.

P.P.S. Do you have absolutely NO equipment at all or just prefer to build muscle with calisthenics and BW workouts instead? Got you covered there too. Check out our 100% Bodyweight Beast, ATHLEAN XERO program here.

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