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carb confusion

C-A-R-B A 4-letter word no doubt…but is it a ‘BAD’ one??

Well, depending on what you read or who you ask you’ll probably hear that carbs are either…A SECRET WEAPON FOR MUSCLE GROWTH! or THE #1 THING PREVENTING YOU FROM SINGLE DIGIT BODY FAT LEVELS!

carbs best or worst for muscle growthWow…that’s quite a disparity huh?? It’s issues like this that have made the task of eating for lean muscle growth so damn complicated! How can people be looking at the same topic from such two polar opposite viewpoints?!?

Clear up the “CARB CONFUSION” once and for all!

**** This Post’s (M)ost (V)aluable (P)oint ****

You know how important getting your nutrition right is to determining how you ultimately look right?

FACT: There ain’t no amount of crunches that are going to cut through that fat to show off that six pack you’ve got hiding underneath if you don’t have your meal plan locked in. Period.

What’s that? You say you can “kind of” see your abs when you’re FLEXING them though?? Who wants to do that?!? Wouldn’t you rather be able to see them ALL the time, regardless of whether you’re consciously flexing them?

Well the key to doing that is the right nutrition…and the best part is… it doesn’t have to be complicated at all. Get 90 Days of COMPLETE Step-by-Step Meal Plans With The ATHLEAN-X Training System.

Look, you’ve got to understand, I know how guys prefer to eat. I spend all my time around professional athletes that can’t spend their time worrying about measuring foods, wastefully counting calories, and turning down REAL foods and REAL portions. Honestly, they’d be laughed at in the clubhouse if they did!

Well, if I recommended the same type of restrictive “impossible-to-follow” meal plan as part of my training with these guys…I’d definitely have lost all credibility with them a long time ago.

So…..I DON’T. And it works!! They get the results fast…and I continue to humbly and thankfully be entrusted by some of the game’s best…to get them in the best shape of their lives.

Hoping that this video will be my first step toward doing the same for you!



PS. As always, I NEVER put my name on a method, workout, or system that I don’t eat, sleep and breathe myself. I use the EXACT X-Factor Meal Plans that I give you in the ATHLEAN-X Training System to help me keep a 4% bodyfat year round!

PPS. Did I mention I do this without doing any extra cardio?!? Just the ATHLEAN BURST training that is laid out in the 90 days of the ATHLEAN-X System. With “locked in” nutrition, you won’t have to aimlessly pound the treadmill ever again.

Get ripped and actually EAT (what a concept huh??)

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