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GNConfusion – Read This BEFORE Your Next Trip To The Supplement Store

Now I want to start out this post by saying I have NOTHING PERSONAL and no ax to grind against any particular supplement store. I’m just relaying what I know to be true in an effort to continue to showcase what I feel is wrong with supplements today (and the industry in general). It just so happens that this post may offend certain people…and if it does that’s ok, as I believe it will help more than it will pi** off.

That said, let me just come right out and say it…the “trusted” advice you think you’re getting from your supplement store rep might not always be as unbiased and helpful as you may have thought! It’s true, and I have to admit…it even took me by surprise a bit (and I thought I couldn’t be surprised by anything the industry could throw at me by now). The truth is that often times, there are incentives for your supplement store salesman to make a sale of a particular product. Much like a car salesman, “Nutrition Store Nick” as we’ll call him…will have more than a few reasons (hint: they are green and fit inside of a wallet) to recommend one pre-workout, whey protein, or Nitrous Oxide product over another. With supplement companies feeling more and more pressure to make sales these days, commissions offered on their products are rising to ensure they’ll be the first words that roll off “Nick’s” tongue.



But in reality…THIS ISN’T EVEN THE DISTURBING PART!! After all, we live in a world where capitalism reigns for the most part…and everyone is entitled to make a living as they see fit. The problem is that most often instead of knowledgeable nutritionists, biochemists, or someone with any sort of medical background dispensing these recommendations out to you on what you should be putting in your body…you’re often being served this information by people who’s sole credential is that they “like to workout” (IF YOU’RE LUCKY!!).

I can’t tell you how many times in my life I’ve walked into a supplement store and thought to myself…”THAT guy works here?!?” You would think that even by osmosis and the floating aroma of protein powders that he would manage to shrink into at least a size 40 pair of pants?? Obviously, you know I’m poking a little fun and exaggerating since most often your salesmen are for the most part in decent shape. However, I don’t want you to miss the essence of my point here and that is…if the greatest asset of the person selling you supplements is their salesmanship and skill with retail sales instead of true knowledge AND experience of the product and the body it’s going in (Shocker #3: Most have NEVER tried the product their recommending!) then you’ve got a reason to feel a bit lost and confused.

I know, because I’ve been there quite a few times. I can remember being sold Cybergenix about 20 years ago after being talked into investing whatever I had in my piggy bank in this “insane muscle builder” by my local “Nick”. Needless to say, after days of choking down about 10 pills a day, I was left with an unchanged physique and no change in the piggy bank…I was broke! So, next time you walk into your local vitamin store and you ask for something that’s “safe” and “effective”…realize that you may be getting an answer that is anything BUT safe OR effective! On the bright side though, maybe you’ll feel charitable since you just contributed to “Nick’s New Ride” Savings Fund! As always…LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS (and Supplement Store X-periences) BELOW!

Stay Strong….


PS. Don’t miss a single post as we count down to #1!! In the meantime, be sure to read numbers 5 and 4 and see what I feel is desperately wrong with supplements these days. If you’re new to ATHLEAN-X entirely and were wondering what all the buzz is about…CLICK HERE AND GET THE WORKOUT PROGRAM that WILL have you in your best shape as Summer rolls in! No hype here guys…just real results!

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