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Welcome to Generation “X” Or should I say…AthLEAN-X is ready to start getting generations of all ages into the absolute best shape of their life. Today it starts with YOU!

I just posted a new killer chest workout. Come check it out. Even if there is just one thing that you can add to your current workout it will be worth the click.

chest crusherMy promise to you will be to always try and show you some unique, cool stuff. I know if you’re like me, you’ve probably grown tired of seeing the same old stuff over and over again. With me, you’ll get the best I’ve got! The same EXACT stuff I’m putting to use with my top (and most ripped) pro athletes and celebrities every day here. Deal?

Ok….it’s time to get a lean, muscular, ripped and athletic body It’s time to get AthLEAN!

Be back here soon with more….


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