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Olympic chest workout

No matter where you are in the world right now reading this, most likely you’ve been flipping through the channels these past few days and have come across some of the 2012 London Olympics coverage.

And if you have….

I’m sure you’ve noticed the upper body mass on the men’s gymnasts!

EVERY SINGLE ONE of them have huge arms, insane shoulders, and built chests!

While I zero in on the chest in this exercise, do me one favor and make sure you notice every OTHER muscle that’s working as well!


This one, my friend….is a total “top half” annihilator!

Now I don’t just want you to watch this exercise.

I want you to see WHY it is so effective and why 2 OF THE BIGGEST PRINCIPLES I show you in this video are the foundation of my ATHLEAN-X TRAINING SYSTEM


When you train muscles together that not only want to train together…but need to in order to grow much more quickly and noticeably when they do


When you nail the concept that I show you in this video on not just THIS exercise but you do it properly on EVERY exercise, your potential to see improvement in your physique shoots through the roof!

I’m telling you, there’s a lot to learn from watching not only how others train,

But more importantly…

How you can start training like them so you can start looking like them!

Put these and other KEY muscle building science principles in place right now, by getting the workout system that does it for you step-by-step!  Get the complete ATHLEAN-X SYSTEM today!




PS. Remember, Olympic Gymnasts are just one example. If you want to build lean, athletic, explosive muscle like your favorite NFL, Football (soccer),NBA, MLB player or Olympian then, you need to do the workouts they’re doing.  Join us on TEAM ATHLEAN!


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