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Shoulder hurting? Do joint mobility.

Low back hurts? Mobilize it.

Hips feel tight? Joint mobility drills.


Let me simplify things a bit here Despite what some would have you believe… Mobility is NOT the answer to everything these days!

Stop Doing Mobility Drills Until You Watch This!

joint-mobility-overdose-ytBodies are breaking down at a faster rate than ever. Bad training protocols and advice are largely responsible. If you understand this video however… You’ll stop that trend OR At least know what you should actually be treating if you do break down!



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P.P.S. If your training plan is breaking you down at the same time it’s supposed to be building you up, it is time you change the way you train. Put the science back in strength and build a stronger, more ripped, athletic body while becoming more resilient to injury and breakdown. Build up your body instead of breaking it down with this 90 day plan

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