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Strength Building Myth or Truth: Should You Be STRETCHING Before Your Workout?

Tell me if you’ve heard these before:

1. Getting hit on the head by a penny dropped from the top of a skyscraper will kill you!

2. Always wear a hat during the Winter…because you lose most heat from your head.

3. Beware of Daddy Long Leg Spiders…they’re the most venomous spiders in the World!

Well….none are actually true (despite what friends or mom may have told you!) NOTE: True answers to each are below!

But what about THIS one?

should you stretch before working out*** You need to “STRETCH” before working out *** If you’ve been on the fence about whether ATHLEAN-X style training could help you to start building muscle much more quickly than ever before….

Then THIS is a must watch video! Could 1 “Gym Myth” Be Hurting Your Ability to Get Stronger and Build Lean Muscle?

Remember, taking advice from “gym rats” and muscle mags is not always the best way to go.For instance…training more is not better. Stability training is not always best. Certain rep schemes work better than others for building muscle. Food portions are less important than food combinations!

If you want to STOP relying on some of the misinformation that you feel may be holding you back from your lean, muscular, athletic body…then I highly suggest a program backed with real sports medicine and real science!



1. The Myth Buster TV Show proved that at such a light weight, and traveling 40 mph…the penny couldn’t crack a skull…or even nick the pavement!

2. Heat is lost across ALL parts of the body that are exposed. So wrap up everywhere…not just your head!

3. True, but they can’t open their mouths wide enough to pierce human flesh!

Hope to see you on ‘TEAM ATHLEAN’ soon!



PS. For more workout “MUSTS” and MUST-NOTS” make sure you check out the ATHLEAN-X Training System for a built in roadmap to a body reconstruXion!

Get Started on Your 90 Day Transformation Today!

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