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Did you know?

Band exercises can be great mass builders. Huh?? It’s true.

Here’s the 8 Best Band Exercises for building muscle! I’m going to bet that you never do at least 6 of these 8 exercises. AND You wouldn’t be alone.

But that is holding back your gains!

The 8 Best Band Exercises (Do Not Ignore These!)

8-best-band-tubing-exercises-ytTime to put the science back in strength in this one. To help you start tapping into that size potential you’ve been sitting on for too long! Let the gains begin!



P.S. You likely will not be doing many of these 8 exercises regularly, and I’m not surprised. Most programs overlook these critical moves because they are too focused on the obvious ones! Big mistake as you’ll find out in this video… Overlook nothing in your training. Get my step by step workouts here

P.P.S. For instance, did you know that benching with weak lower traps and serratus can not only hold your max bench back by 30% or more…but could be totally screwing up your shoulders in the process! See why in the video and share it with a friend you think it could help as well.

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