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When it comes to building muscle, one of the major areas guys have a hard time with is…THE UPPER CHEST. This probably has to do with the fact that the majority of guys rely on the same old exercises to target their chests.

Does this routine look familiar to you?

– Bench Presses

– Incline Bench Presses

– Dips

– Flys (oh god…NOT flys!)

If so, then it’s time you take a step into the future of training with ATHLEAN-X! See how applying TRUE MUSCLE SCIENCE to your chest training can change your results dramatically.

best upper chest exerciseDo you know what the role of the pecs REALLY is? If not…how do you know if you’re ever really targeting it completely??

Fire up the pecs like never before with this Upper Chest Exercise! Just another example of what happens when you combine muscle science with a strategy!

ATHLEAN-X is literally a 90 day “Attack Plan” for your muscles…a strategic science based approach to building an “athlete caliber” physique!

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Hope to see you on TEAM ATHLEAN soon! It can change much more than just your chest in the next 90 days!



P.S. Many people think that the only function of the chest is to either push your arms away from your body or bring them across your body. Nope. Does much more than that! See why you could be missing out with your current chest training! See the video here!

P.P.S. Imagine how much you’re short changing the REST of your muscles by not training them the way they’re MEANT TO BE trained?!?

Put the Science back in Strength and Unlock ALL NEW Gains in the next 90 days with ATHLEAN-X!


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