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women shoulder workout

#1 Women’s Workout: Summer is here and it’s time to get those lean, toned arms and shoulders so you can show them off in those sleeveless dresses! Well, with Athlean-XX for Women you can now get those lean, toned arms and shoulders as we bring reality to you with the 60 second shoulder workout that (while quick) is sure to get your confidence soaring as you see results with just a few rounds of this one!


The secret to sexy arms is to remember that your arms are made up of more than just your biceps and triceps. In fact, the majority of the shape of your arm comes from the way the shoulders look since it sets up the appearance of the rest of the arm below it. With this quick alternating exercise circuit you will see just how easy it is to set the stage for nothing but lean, toned arms all (most importantly) using just a pair of dumbbells! You can do this women’s workout anywhere…at home or at the gym. The secret to lean toned arms is really to understand the importance of shoulders and how they work to show off the arm. We cover that in this workout video and show you the way to get them looking great in no time. When you’re done watching this…and you’re ready for a women’s workout program that addresses ALL the trouble spots and will help you look lean, toned and seXXy in the next 90 days…then check out the AthLEAN-XX for Women workout.

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