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Athlean-X AX-1 Program

AX-1 Training Program

Fat Burning, Muscle Building, Athletic Training

Athlean-X Jacked Program


Dumbbell Only, Home Muscle Building

Athlean-X Total Beaxst Program

Total Beaxst

Total Body Split, Extreme Muscle Building


Frequently Asked Questions

The best workout for you will depend on your goals, fitness level and the equipment you have available to you. To see which workout is right for you, take our quiz.

The best 6 day workout split is a 6-day push pull legs schedule because it gives each of the muscle groups adequate rest time in between training sessions, while at the same time being able to work each area two times per week.

The best 5 day workout split for people looking to build muscle and get or stay lean would be 5 consecutive days where you alternate strength workouts with conditioning workouts, and taking two rest days after the 5 day schedule. An example would be Monday/Wednesday/Friday strength training, Tuesday/Thursday conditioning and Saturday/Sunday off like we do in our AX-1 Program.

The best free workout plan is our full body workout plan that you do 3 days per week. This helps you work all the major muscle groups in each training session while allowing sufficient rest time between training sessions.